International exchange

Since 2004 there is a contact between our partner organization in Santiago de Chile and the Zarakali Children and Youth Circus in Frankfurt.
The various expert and youth meetings spanned almost two decades:

  • 2004 in Santiago (exchange of skilled workers)
  • 2006 in Frankfurt (exchange of skilled workers)
  • 2007 in Santiago (exchange of skilled workers)
  • 2008 in Frankfurt (exchange of skilled workers)
  • 2009 in Santiago (youth exchange)
  • 2010 in Frankfurt (youth exchange)
  • 2012 in Santiago (exchange of skilled workers)
  • 2013 in Frankfurt (youth exchange)
  • 2014 in Santiago (youth exchange)
  • 2015 in Frankfurt (exchange of skilled workers)
  • 2017 Frankfurt professionals in Santiago de Chile
  • 2018 Frankfurt Youth in Santiago de Chile
  • 2019 Chilean youth in Frankfurt am Main

In 2009, we made the journey to Chile for the first time with a group of circus youth. So they were able to participate in our experience that intercultural exchange is also an intercultural dialogue, an enrichment in which we learn and understand that our values and ideas are only a small part of the ideas available worldwide. Our experience and hope is that such an exchange is also a small step towards a global understanding of other cultures.

In 2010 we conducted the exchange with Chilean youth here in Frankfurt.

These international intercultural exchanges have been supported since 2004 by our sponsoring association, the Association of German Scouts and the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Seniors, Women and Youth. In 2019, with the support of the Frankfurt Youth Office, a final return meeting of the Chilean youth took place in Frankfurt.

For us, the BDP is not only an important and trusting partner at this point. He sees international and intercultural work as part of his daily activities. The basic idea of international exchange is the establishment and maintenance of personal contact and the constructive examination of similarities & differences between each other. Through his many years of experience in bi- and trinational encounters, we have the good fortune to draw from a rich pool of experience.