At this point a big THANK YOU to all supporters!

Without you, we couldn't do our work half as well and many children and young people wouldn't have the opportunity to join us for an affordable monthly fee. Since we cannot list all of the many individual donations and aid campaigns for reasons of space alone, please feel grateful to everyone! Nevertheless, here is a special thank you to the people, institutions and companies who have done a lot for us.


  • our sponsoring association Bund Deutscher Pfadfinder*innen BDP for the organizational umbrella and the patient communication of the immense know-how of the BDP!
  • the city of Frankfurt for the constant support not only in financial terms!
  • the Integration Foundation
  • the dr. Maschner Foundation
  • the Children's Aid Foundation e.V.
  • Aktion Mensch e.V. for the financing of a project position