Zarakali - The children and youth circus

Zarakali Circus is a jointly created resonance space.

With a lot of commitment, we create a place where we make the fantastic world of contemporary circus a participatory experience.

We work and live with enthusiasm in a sustainable togetherness - today and for a diverse future.

Zarakali is a cultural place for EVERYONE to experience the fantastic world of circus. With the circus educational offers we address needs of children, young people, young adults and senior citizens with all their different physical, mental and financial conditions.
Thus, Zarakali is an inclusive and intergenerational place of education. We provide access to sports, theatrical and creative activities in which we learn and experience together.

Zarakali is a place worth living. This is reflected in the constant striving for climate friendly infrastructure, through ecological projects and in a sustainable coexistence.

Zarakali sees itself as a community in which we train, work and live together. In our diversity, we create free spaces in which we are guided by our vision of the resonance space circus - enthusiasm - sustainability.

Zarakali is a lively free space, which has been firmly anchored in Frankfurt for over 20 years and represents an important component for the social space.
Zarakali is effective far beyond the city limits.

Zarakali cooperates on an interdisciplinary, intercultural and interagency basis. The work as well as the circus pedagogical offer is constantly developing and interacts dynamically with internal and external changes.