Solidary farming Ginnheim

(SoLawi is the german shortcut standing for: solidare Landwirtschaft which doesn't have a specific term in english. If you translate the meaning of the words one by one its Solidary Farming)

It is important to know where the food we consume every day comes from.

The idea of solidarity in agriculture goes one step further: we share the harvest and are in solidarity with the producers of food.

This means understanding the concerns of farmers, sharing their risk through weather or pest influences, taking the pressure off or mitigating the pressure of large trade groups - being partners.

That is the idea of solidarity in agriculture.

There are several SoLawi initiatives in the Rhine-Main area. Luisenhof Henze is located in the north-east of Frankfurt am Main, a few kilometers from Bad Vilbel. The farm supplies several pick-up points in Frankfurt, including the hut on the Zarakali site.

If you are interested in participating in the Platenstraße/Ginnheim HÜTTE, please write to the Luisenhof.

and send the membership contract to the court. Tell them you want to pick up on Zarakali.

Please send us an e-mail: