The fixed groups

The continuous afternoon training from Monday to Thursday (listed in our training plan) in fixed groups for children from 6 years, varies on the one hand by the demand of the children, on the other hand by the offer of the approx. 20 people strong trainer team.

Each fixed group trains intensively for one year in a circus discipline with the aim of a joint staging of all groups. This also includes two inclusive groups who also train once a week. These groups consist of half of children with special educational needs, as well as children without funding needs.

Our current fixed disciplines are:

  • Trapezoid A (beginners)
  • Trapezoid F (advanced)
  • Unicycle A (beginners)
  • Unicycle F (advanced)
  • Wire rope
  • Stalk
  • Ball
  • Theatre
  • Acrobatics
  • Hand state acrobatics
  • Vertical cloth
  • Parcour

In principle, this applies to all fixed groups from Monday to Thursday:
Parents whose children are attending training for the first time are allowed to attend "unobtrusively" once.

There is the opportunity to chat outside in the Entrézelt or at the "Cafewagen" or simply to hang out there.

New children are allowed to try out once or twice and may be given a registration form to take home after training by the trainers. Children from open training who want to switch to a fixed training group simply contact the office to find out if a place is available or to be put on the waiting list.

In general, there is one major opportunity to join once a year, at the change of cycle, after the big summer show. It may also be possible to join at a later date. The training is organized individually and can be roughly structured into a joint warm-up game, work on the apparatus/with the body and a joint final round/final game.