The open training

The open training is for children aged 6 and over and takes place every Friday from 4.00 to 6.00 pm.

Here, children have the opportunity to try out the different circus disciplines without obligation and to find out their personal preferences.

The offer is free of charge, but there are a few rules to follow:

Due to great popularity, here are some binding rules for the benefit of the children and the leader team!


  • The open training on Friday afternoon is for children from 6 years, smaller siblings should not enter the tent.
  • We attach importance to a common beginning and a common conclusion of the training. The training starts at 16.00 am and ends at 18.00 am.
  • Children must wear sports shoes or walk on socks, as street shoes are prohibited in the tent.
  • The children are not accidentally insured during their stay in our tent and the surrounding area and train at their own risk.
  • We ask parents to stay in the café area, otherwise the noise in the tent is simply too big.
  • For new children, the accompanying person can watch the first training (quietly), then we ask you to stay in the café area like the other parents.
  • Open drinks and food must not be taken into the tent.

We are looking forward to a donation for the open offer...