Voluntary Social Year Culture

in german also kown as Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr (FSJ)
(gap year usually taken to do voluntary work in the social sector)

At the Children and Youth Circus Zarakali in Frankfurt am Main, the field of activity is divided into three areas of activity:

Work in the tent

In the children and youth circus Zarakali train 20 fixed groups in different circus genres. (see training plan). The participants are between 6 and 18 years old. In two groups, children with "conveyor needs" and "regular children" train together.

The teenagers train in their own group, with their own imagination. The children's groups perform their training results on four dates in a large summer show. 
The volunteers at the Zarakali Circus will, under the guidance of an experienced circus pedagogue, accompany at least four children's circus groups throughout the year and participate in the big summer show, proportionally, with the children and trainers.
Ideally, the volunteers bring practical circus experience. However, this is not absolutely necessary. The basic condition is the enjoyment of exercise and the desire for creative work with children, openness and a willingness to contact children, colleagues and, in some cases, parents.
The work also includes participation in the regular forums, such as the monthly team meetings and supervisions. Communication skills and a willingness to cooperate are also helpful for this.
On the concept day that takes place once a year, the volunteer can get an insight into the development of the overall organism Zarakali.

Administration in the circus office car

In the children and youth circus Zarakali, of course, a lot needs to be managed formally.
The FSJs will get an insight into the different fields of activity of the Zarakali Organization. Depending on what the volunteers bring, different fields of activity may arise. In any case, children's group and waiting lists must be managed. Telephone service may also be available in the morning. Experience with the computer or image editing programs can gladlybe used, but are not a precondition.

Working on the circus grounds

Depending on the season, the FSJs will always be busy on the Zarakali outdoor grounds.
From mowing the lawn to hedge cutting, there are many activities. The Zarakali tents will be taken down and put back up at least once a year. In cooperation with a tent master, many helping hands are required. Also at our Wagenfuhrpark things need to be repaired or refined again and again. If the volunteer wants to do practical outdoor work, we will spend many hands-on hours together. If craftsmanship and pleasure in "crafting" are brought along, there will also be nice possibilities for this.
The three areas cannot be divided into exactly the same parts per week. Except for the practical work in the tent, those times are fixed according to the training plan, there may be more to be done in administration for the cycle change. If a car has to be redesigned, the volunteer may be employed in the outdoor area for a week, when the shows are at the doorstep, that work has priority.
We are very much looking forward to young, curious, flexible people who want to get involved in our project with joy and openness!


Directly with us via zarakali@gmx.de or

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