WS 02: Zarakali easter workshop


Zarakali star tent
Platenstraße 79z, 60431 Frankfurt


02. - 05. 4.2024

2pm until 6pm o'clock

target audience

children over the age of 6 years


The medium of the circus has the property of opening up a completely new field of experience for the body. New skills can be discovered by trying out different areas such as: acrobatics, juggling, ball running, tightrope walking, trapeze/snare, unicycling, stilt walking and much more.
Teamwork and concentration are fun despite all the effort!
The colorful variety can be experienced on Friday at 5 p.m. during the presentation of the results in the circus tent.

The café-carvan is open before and after the presentation.

what do you need?

Sneakers or slippers, sportswear and a snack for the break.


3 trainers from Zarakali + FSJ-person


85,-€ per week