WS 05: integrative summer workshop


Zarakali star tent
Platenstraße 79z, 60431 Frankfurt


12. - 16. august 2024

10.00am until 1.00pm o'clock

target audience

children over 6 years with and without special needs


During the week of the workshop we will show you all the tricks you can do in the circus. By trying out the different areas, such as: Acrobatics, juggling, ball and roller skating, tightrope walking, trapeze, unicycling, stilt walking and much more, in a very playful way, new skills can be discovered. In this way, borders and norms that separate and supposedly distinguish disabled and non-disabled people can be questioned or completely abolished. The medium of the circus offers the opportunity to respond to individual, physical and mental disabilities in order to open up the widest possible field of experience.

what do you need?

Training clothes, slippers, and breakfast box.


2 trainer from Zarakali + FSJ-person


85,-€ per week