Circus tents in the Bessunger forest at DA children's camp

In the summer we plan from 22.-26. July a circus tent camp in the youth courtyard Bessunger Forst

Aschaffenburger Str. 183-187

64380 Roßdorf


We want to go to the forest with a group of 12 children between the ages of 8 and 12, by bus and train to the Bessunger Forst and pitch our tents there from Monday to Friday.

There will be 2 large tents (lurs), you can sleep in one, and in the other we can sit together, eat and play in bad weather. We trainers stay overnight in smaller tents on the grounds. We cook what we eat, i.e. we bring enough food and drink and will cook together.
During the day we want to work together with a lot of fun on the beautiful grounds, in the evening we can make campfires together and end the day with snacks and guitar.
In addition, we take walks through the woods (possibly also
at night), in hot weather one or the other water battle and otherwise we will not be bored.
The participant's contribution is €19.
If you have time and desire, just get in touch by 15. May 2023 with us at zarakali(at), we will send you a registration.
On Thursday, 29. a meeting on the Zarakali site is scheduled at 6 pm to
Discuss topics such as packing list, round-trip transport.


We look forward to seeing you,
Jan, Linda and Vero